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Words learning A1-C2

We know perfectly well that knowing the vocabulary is essential and without it knowing the grammar looses its value. That is why we've created a separate module for learning vocabulary! Here, learning the vocabulary is nothing but pleasure. And your range of vocabulary grows extremely fast!

€ 17.00

Why is it worth buying this product?

We base on the most efficient flashcard method

You can use two modes of learning - slides and vocabulary tests. All flashcards are accompanied by the lector's voice - thanks to this, you will not only memorize the words faster, but what's important - you'll learn their correct pronunciation!

Omnipresent, high quality photos and graphics

The photos accompanying the index cards, make the words come alive. The learning starts to resemble learning language by a small child - which does not learn the vocabulary "from its notebook" but by natural context. It guarantees not only much faster learning, but most importantly permanent memorizing of consecutive words.

All words are segregated according to themes and difficulty

Here, every word has its place, and all together they form a logical whole. You decide which theme group you want to learn and what difficulty should the vocabulary be.

Omnipresent lectors

Polish lectors accompany you during the learning, and they can read out any word or phrase you wish. Thanks to them, you'll learn in a natural manner, the correct pronunciation and start to understand by listening.


The interactiveness makes the learning very effective. Use vocabulary tests and learn while checking which words you already remember. You also learn how to correctly write down particular words.

By buying this product you also gain access to "My words"!

By buying "Learning Words", you can learn vocabulary using ready made thematic lists, or lists created individually.

Choose words from the dictionary, which you want to learn, by clicking "Add to my words"
Go to "My words"
Choose how many words picked by you, should the system draw, and click "Generate"
You learn only those words which you want :)

Course content

1 Life and universe

Nature Weather Disasters Ecology Supernatural Cosmos

2 World of plants

Plants Flowers Trees

3 World of animals

Insects Fish and aquatic animals Amphibians and reptiles Pets Farm animals Forest animals Wild animals Birds Animal body parts Animal sounds Pet homes and accessories

4 Human

Appearance Parts of the body Senses and sensation Positive traits Neutral traits Negative traits Feelings and emotions Addictions Opinions Person

5 Health and disease

Health Examination Diseases Treatment Doctors

6 Contact with people

Relations with other people Speech and communication Phone

7 Life

Everyday life Life and death In motion Action Problems

8 Family live

Family Family members Child Plays and games

9 Shopping

Shopping and services Shops

10 Clothes and getting dressed

Clothes Shoes Clothes - accessories, parts, materials Getting dressed

11 Eating

Fruits Vegetables Nuts and dried fruits Dairy products Meat and fish Cereals and bread Food - others Meals Spices and herbs Desserts and sweets Drinks Alcohol Nutrition

12 School

At school Learning School equipment School subjects Mathematics

13 Work and business

Work Stationery Company and business Professions

14 Money

15 In spare time

Leisure time Film, television and theatre Book and newspaper World of fantasy Music Instruments Culture and art Media and communication Restaurant

16 Sport

Doing sports Types of sport Sport equipment

17 House

At home Garden Kitchen Kitchen activities Cookware Containers Bathroom Bathroom activities Bedroom Cosmetics and cleaners Furniture Home devices Cleaning

18 Technology

Inventions and devices Computer and internet

19 Construction

Tools Building Buildings and places

20 World geography

Earth Continents Countries Nationalities Languages and country adjectives

21 Travels and holidays

Travelling Hotel Airport

22 Country

About a country Kingdom Politics War Army Weapon Law Crimes Social and global problems Economy Official matters

23 In the city

Town Bank Post office

24 Communication and transport

Public transport Vehicles Car

25 Village

26 Faith

Religion and beliefs Church Religions

27 Calendar

Time Seasons Months Days of the week Celebrations and holidays Zodiac signs

28 Numbers

Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers

29 Shapes

30 Measurements and sizes

31 Colours

32 Sounds

33 Substances and materials

34 Position and movement

35 Verbs

36 Adjectives

37 Nouns

38 Pronouns

39 Prepositions and conjunctions

40 Adverbs and particles

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