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Polish-English phrasebook A1-C2

Learn phrases useful while travelling, in a restaurant, while shopping and in many other situations. Book a room in Polish, buy a ticket or ask for the way.
The Polish Phrasebook are dialogues, phrases and lists of useful words - all in one place :)

€ 18.00

Why is our course so unique?

You easily find the content which interests you.

You can browse the phrasebook by the themes, using it like a normal book. You can also use it as a quick linguistic aid - simply enter the searched word in the search engine on the Phrasebook page.

The Phrasebook is interactive!

You can modify our Phrasebook individually, adjusting it to your needs! If you'll decide that something is significantly important, highlight it with a virtual marker! If something is unimportant - hide it!

Interactive flashcards

For learning, you can use the Phrasebook which you've modified, using interactive flashcards - you'll learn phrases and words automatically!

Audio tracks with a Polish lector

Just click the icon and you will be able to listen to the words or phrases which interest you. Thanks to this, you'll quickly learn the correct pronunciation, and get used to the language and understand it by listening.

Forget about traditional dictionaries!

The phrasebook is completely translated. However, if you want to check a particular word in the dictionary (for example to see its picture, examples of use or to hear its audio recording), just move the cursor over it.

Graphic design

Theme graphics and photos will make the learning fun and fast.

By buying this product you also gain access to "My words"!

By buying "Learning Words", you can learn vocabulary using ready made thematic lists, or lists created individually.

Choose words from the dictionary, which you want to learn, by clicking "Add to my words"
Go to "My words"
Choose how many words picked by you, should the system draw, and click "Generate"
You learn only those words which you want :)

Course content

1 Basic Communication

Basic phrases Greetings and goodbyes What's your name? Asking for information Do you speak ...? Opinions Commands Needs, requests and suggestions Public notices

2 Numbers, dates and times

Numbers Ordinal numbers Days of week Months Seasons Dates Important dates, holidays When? How often? What time is it? Measurements and dimensions

3 Who are you?

Nice to meet you Meeting people Personal data Appearance Character traits and emotions Habitual activities

4 Family and friends

Family Talking about family Love and Marriage Relations With Others

5 Body and Health

Parts of the body Illnesses Booking a Doctor's Appointment At the doctor's Doctors At the pharmacy Cigarette smoking Emergencies

6 At home

Where do you live? Let's clean up! House Rooms Furniture In the kitchen Dishes and Kitchen Utensils In the bedroom In the bathroom Make-up and Cosmetics

7 Work

Professions Talking about work Job vocabulary Making Appointments Looking for a job

8 School

At school School Supplies School subjects

9 Computer and Telecommunications

Computer Internet and E-mailing Phone

10 News

Country Politics Military Religion

11 Travel

I love travelling! Continents Countries, Nationalities and Languages Means of transport At the Airport 1 At the Airport 2 Passport control Customs control At the hotel 1 At the hotel 2 Railway station Car rental Car Taxi Camping

12 In the city

Buying a ticket Public transport Finding your way around the city Sightseeing At the post office Buildings At the bank Exchange office At the hairdresser's

13 Shopping

Opening times Purchasing and paying Making payment Returns and complaints Shops At the grocer's At the clothes shop Clothes Make-up and Cosmetics Cleaning Supplies Newsagent's

14 Eating

Fruits Vegetables Nuts, dry fruit and seeds Drinks Foodstuff Dinner Desserts and Sweets Spices Kitchen utensils Meals Enjoy your meal! Dialogues at a Restaurant At a Restaurant We have guests!

15 In the free time

Hobby Going out Cinema and Theatre TV and radio Book and newspaper Music Art Sport DIY

16 Weather and environment

Weather Environment Environmental Protection Plants Animals In the country

17 Getting help


18 Crimes

Crimes Investigation

19 Adjectives

Positive, negative, neutral Size Colours Emotions

20 Verbs


21 Adverbs


22 Conjunctions

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